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An Oasis - A Boot Camp

There is an index for God's Boot Camp on the Take His Heart site. (link) It must be understood that just reading the information or watching the movies will not get the transformation done that needs to be done in a person for them to be in the Lord's Beloved.

Through faith, which takes an act, God will demonstrate to you what He has presented to be true. Working with the Lord will establish these things in you! The Spots are real and those false acts must be removed and the correct acts active in a person's life to graduate Boot Camp. Golden Meetings are necessary to let the Lord be King throughout a meeting.

Years ago we were given a song concerning The Hill God Calls The Place. The words give more perspective on God's Purposes for, "The Place."


On Golgotha’s Hill is where Calvary took place.

Now there is a hill called “The Place.”

An Oasis You said it would be

And boot camp also we will see.

For in Your army we choose to be,

And we have already seen

How You have proved that everything is:

Step by step, line upon line,

Precept upon precept,

Not by might, not by power -

But it’s by Your Spirit; You are the Lord of Hosts.

God's Purposes

My Beloved 1929
One Place
Boot Camp


God's plan and purposes are revealed by His Spirit, here a little and there a little.
(Isaiah 28:10)

Each account gives an added perspective.


The Hill God Calls "The Place"
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