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Except for the Cross of Jesus Christ

This vision concerning "The Hill God Calls The Place" was given on Sunday, April 11, 1999. Its purpose, like all prophetic words given by the Holy Spirit, is for preparation--preparing the way of the Lord, as well as preparing us to work within the ways of the Lord. The fullness of what God is saying here needs to be understood by all who are directly involved with The Place, by those who will become involved, and by everyone else who will have any part in it.

In the beginning of the vision I was looking down on a place that seemed like a college campus, though I knew that wasn’t what it was. What I saw were two circular objects beside a wall that had two large glass doors leading through it. People were on both sides of the doors. As I looked straight down on this scene, I saw it begin to be shaken and suddenly it was no longer there. An explosion may have caused this and if so, it came from inside around the two circular objects. In the next part of the vision I was in a place with some men who were standing around talking to each other. They were talking about a place that was to be built. (It was as if it already existed, and yet didn’t.) I had seen and heard a short man say something and another man say something else. I knew what they were saying fit God's plan, but they didn’t know it. Their differences were caused by misinterpreting;; not bringing Spiritual things together. Eventually, I got them to go with me in order to speak with them. I led them to a place that was in a barn where they stood in an area shaped like an L -- the L indicating God's legal ways. By this time I had forgotten what I planned to say that would clear up their differences. However, I then pointed directly at the men, starting with the man on my right and moving to the left, talking to each one until I came to the short man who was next to the last man on the left end. I pointed at him speaking correction regarding the place that was to be built. At my words He fell face first on the floor saying, "But I thought it was too sacred to talk about!" He knew what I said was true. Then I told all the men, "This is the way it is. Because of my appointed position over this place and because there are many plans among you, this is the way it will be. I will give you truth in all honesty, plain and simple as I see it, right or wrong. I expect you to do the same; giving me and each other truth, plain and simple as you see it, right or wrong. Some of us are wrong. Some of you are wrong. We will work through this! It is important that this place be built. This place will save more lives than any other place that has ever existed on the earth. . (As I was speaking these words I lost my physical strength and fell to my knees with tears streaming down my face. I had barely gotten out the word "earth" and could only mouth the remaining words of the sentence). . except for the cross of Jesus Christ!"

In September of the year this vision was given, the Lord called a gathering of Apostles to reveal His plan for unifying the church and building a command center capable of accomplishing this. Pieces of the Lord’s revelation involving The Place did come forth, and if what each had received had been brought to the table, and put together the picture the Lord was presenting could have begun to take shape. Noticeably, one of the words given was to centralize the Apostles. Unfortunately, the bringing together of "the things of the Spirit" did not happen. God's purposes for these gatherings were not realized because His agenda was superceded by those of men, and eventually it fell apart—blew up, so to speak, just as the campus-like structure did in this vision. The college campus in the vision that "was not" refers to the teaching God wanted brought forth, which wasn't.  When God told me to leave the gathering He refereed to us as school children.  But according to this vision (which we are walking through at this time), God will still have His way and He will have The Place, which is a major part of His end time plan to establish His kingdom and bring in a great harvest of souls! To God be the glory!

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God's plan and purposes are revealed by His Spirit, here a little and there a little.
(Isaiah 28:10)

Each account gives an added perspective.


The Hill God Calls "The Place"
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