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God said,

"Bringing forth 'the Bride' is the most important thing."

On September 6, 2005 I asked the Lord to show me something about The Hill God Calls "The Place" because  God was moving us out of the barn we have been meeting in for almost 16 years.  I considered it a possible step towards going to The Hill, especially because of what the Lord was revealing in the corporate flow chart.

The Holy Spirit gave me a scene in the night on the 7th where I was looking at a computer screen full of information.  The screen was divided into three sections with one section almost filling the computer screen, making the other two sections fairly small in comparison.  I knew this large section of the screen was expandable and represented The Spotless Bride because I had the same scene the day before with that information in it.  In this scene I was told, "Bringing forth "the Bride" (Spotless Bride) is the most important thing." 

As I emerged from the scene I knew God was saying, "Bringing the Spotless Bride into manifestation in the earth was the most important purpose of The Hill God Calls 'The Place.'" God began building the following idea in me that this would be a continued thing, through years and years, even after the Spotless Married Bride is first established.  It would be like the growth of the Lord's church through the years, having started at one place. The Hill will be bringing forth the spotless church, with it continuing to expand somewhat like the early church expanded. 

I shared this with the group here, saying that I had never thought of all this being so continual over years and years, but it does make sense.  Even in the millennial reign of the Lord people will be finding Him!  The next morning (the 8th) I had a scene of a baby being presented to me to take care of.  It was not a new born but would have been born about the time the Lord told me to start building this site concerning The Hill God Calls "The Place." I have known the building of this site was a very real step in building The Place.  In this scene, as I was receiving the baby, I was told, "You almost missed receiving it."

The baby (appearing to be a boy but I'm not sure of this) represents a ministry, a new ministry.  I remember that the Lord told us years ago that the ministry He was bringing us into was His ministry and nothing like it has ever existed in the world before.  This all fits, as the Spotless Bride has never been manifested in the world until now.  I took the baby scene to be confirmation of what God was dealing with me about, that the main (and most important) Pursuit of The Hill God Calls "The Place" is to continually build and expand the Spotless Bride, while executing the will of the Lord in the earth.

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Main Pursuit 


God's plan and purposes are revealed by His Spirit, here a little and there a little.
(Isaiah 28:10)

Each account gives an added perspective.


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