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God has His "Personal Calendar" of end time events and is preparing a people and places to execute His purposes!

The Lord revealed it is time to start building the web site for The Hill God Calls "The Place." As you probe the information concerning this site, you will find The Place to be an important part of God's end time plan.  This information is not something we have conjured up ourselves; it was first revealed by God's Spirit to many different people years ago. He has continued to reveal and give specific instruction down through the years. On 4-18-2007, I was shown to link this site to the Take His Heart to the World site. On 6-27-2010, the Lord said this:

Grapeland TX, The Place GOD Calls the Hill is a mount of sanctification, a mount of cleansing and healing ordained by GOD. GOD is at work today, just as HE was yesterday, and just as HE will be tomorrow. 

Then later on 7-11-2010, the Lord told us here at Take His Heart to thrust the Hill forth, "Bring it forth." If you have not come here from the Take His Heart site, you will want to read, God's Protections and God's Plans for a much bigger picture concerning the Place!

When I inquired of the Lord how to begin building this site, He showed me it should be constructed of many small, simple pictures that could be easily understood.  So as you read let God begin to show you His plan and purpose for The Place, and its part in end time events.

The web site of Take His Heart to the World Ministries is part of, and vital to, The Hill God Calls "The Place." It is necessary for understanding how The Place will function under the guidance of the Lord. The information on the Take His Heart web site is sometimes referenced here so you can refer to it for information and understanding.

Please understand that this web site is small compared to the Take His Heart site, but it has its purpose in God. It is probably best to consider The Hill God Calls the Place and Take His Heart as being "one" in the hands of the Lord. It's all for His purposes!

It is with great anticipation that we look forward to the complete manifestation of the promises of God concerning The Hill God Calls "The Place."  We are unable to deny any part of them because of all that has already come to pass.  We suggest starting with Pursuits and following the links at the bottom of the articles to begin to receive/see God's expanding picture.


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The Hill God Calls "The Place"
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